Shane Hurlbut – 360° Video(s) of MoVi XL: A Response


Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 6.31.33 pm.png
Cover photo from Shane Hurlbut’s newest post “360 Video of MoVi XL”


Shane Hurlburt, a cinematographer known for his work on Terminator: Salvation and many other films, has recently made a post about his use of the MoVi Freefly XL. In a previous post, Shane’s post on the MoVi Freefly Pro was evaluated; now he has decided to introduce the MoVi XL to his viewers and how he applies them to his work.

So whats the difference?

After a little research it was discovered that the MoVi Freefly Pro is a smaller device designed for smooth hand heldshots. The MoVi Freefly XL is a larger and more versatile way for filming shots that cant be done hand held. One way is if you want to film people inside a moving car, it can stabilise it and make it much smoother. Its also controlled by a wireless controller. (Click here for more details.)

Leading on, Hurlbut’s newest post allows for viewers/readers to actually physically see how he has applied this technology to his work. The video includes a 360° view of the MoVi in motion. (See here) This post is different from his usual ones, providing more of a physical view of his application rather than more written explanations. This provides more interest as this provides a variety of content to appeal to a variety of audiences. Some people like to read, some like to watch and others like both; showing this to Hurlbut’s audience can peak more interest within his blog. Not only this but he also provided a post from his Instagram, putting his social media outlets together to give an alternative way to keep up with his comings and goings.

So how can I apply this to my blogging?

The style of Hurlbut’s blogging is useful and he doesnt keep the same content, ever changing to different aspect within his job. This keeps audiences from getting bored and leaves them wondering, what’s he going to post next? Technology? How do deal with my inspirations?

This is something I can hope to instill within my works as a blogger- to change it up. Try relying on visuals once in a while instead of long paragraphs. To visually show how I am applying similar technology to my own works.


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