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Interviews are more than just a conversation about past experiences and how much you want this job. Interviews about the passion for that job and it allows your interviewer to gain the different aspect of you and your life. They ask what at first seem out of the ordinary but eventually, after some thought, allow anyone to grasp what sort of person they’re talking to.

Here are some examples of questions you might be asked:

  • What are ten ways to use a pencil other than writing?
  • How would you weigh a plane without scales?
  • Can you describe and atom?

And the two favourite:

  • Describe a lemon without using the words, sour, yellow and fruit.
  • Why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?

As a future media creator that will be constantly going for job interviews to work on different projects, understanding why things are done during the interview processes are vital.

Firstly, in this industry having connections will become one of most successful key aspects, and therefore presentation and first impressions is important. By presentation I mean, the way you express your thoughts, ideas and passions and by first impressions I mean the first conversation. For example, above asks ‘why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?’ and while this may seem totally irrelevant, it helps the interviewer determine how you will handle problems that you don’t know the answers to. For myself I would say “to counteract the rubber underneath”, which can tell the interviewer that I am a realistic person. The pause beforehand tells the interviewer I would be willing to backtrack and re-think my ideas before. 1f51958.jpeg

Continuing on, talking about your passions to someone is always an amazing feeling and this is what interviewers sometimes look for within their candidates. However, they might become too carried away to understand a question or not have thought about enough. For example, if the interviewer asks you a question, how would you explain this to a bunch of school kids, and you can’t, it shows that you aren’t smart enough to make people understand your ideas.

Lastly, job interviews are a good way to learn more about the company you are involving yourself within. The film industry has a very wide range of areas and needing to know which you’re involved in is important. Gillett (2017) has said that the interviewee should also be using this time to evaluate the interviewer as much as they are with them. When they ask that final question, “do you have any questions for me?” this is any interviewee’s opportunity to make the final decision on whether they would want to work here; “to find if their goals align with their own.” (Gillett, 2017) Amy Hoover, president of TalentZoo (as mentioned my Gillett, 2017) mentions that it’s also a carefully strategic way to test whether you’re interested in the field at all- you don’t want to appear as a disinterested candidate.

As a future director and producer, communication is the biggest key and getting people to understand when your showing them is vitally important. So, if you can’t explain a plot in simple terms to your audiences or they fail to understand after SEEING IT, you haven’t really succeeded in your job. Which is why using job interviews as an opportunity to test your communication within the film industry is a key. It’s also used as an opportunity to understand what it is you want from this particular job or to see if your goals match with theirs.



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1 thought on “Interview Me

  1. Great use of combining class discussion’s, weekly reading information and your own personal research into this blog post! It really shows how well you understand this topic. Good amount of references used shows you looked up the facts before just writing stuff on a blank page. This blog gives the reader a clear understanding of what the topic is, the langue is engaging and encourages the reader to continue reading. Perhaps you could have included a video on interviews to fully interact with the readers?


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