Social Media and My Career


Social media today has become what most businesses and people strive to achieve success on, as in today’s world this is the fastest and most effective way to spread ‘the word’ about your art/business/hobby. It also helps build an online portfolio of a sort for employers to look back on your work online. They can also perceive the way you respond to all kinds of criticism.

The social media platform that I chose to promote various types of my art was Facebook and Instagram as these platforms have the supportive features I need to grow my portfolio. Already my Facebook page (which isn’t fully built yet) has 40 likes after only three days from people in my community. These social outlets allow different aspects that can be used to further my artistic voice.

For example, Instagram allows the connection from other film makers and photographers to connect on an easier scale with the simple share of the photos. It also has hashtags which people from around can search or run into- therefore spreading a picture or video further. On my Instagram,  the technique of sharing others work was attempted and they greatly appreciated it and it even earned me more followers on Instagram. Facebook however, allows for you to update on your current activity and to connect to your community more on an interpersonal level. It allows for you to host competitions, ask for opinions and generally relate to your audience- taking the advice that you should appear somewhat human instead of a robot. According to Carranza (2015), 63.2% of posts were accounted by the entertainment industry.

As film makers our focus is always on communication; what is this scene telling the audience? What is the subtext here? Will they understand it? We rely on knowing our audience, our community and drawing them in with our cinematography skills. Therefore, I believe having Instagram is important- to develop an understanding of the meaning behind the visuals as well as developing the knowledge from criticism.

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