Income vs. Artistic Creativity


Within the creative arts community there is always a rather high amount dispute about income versus the need for artistic release, so why not both?

The beginning of any creative persons career in the industry is always going  to be difficult and have some sort of income instability. This is why often people result to having a day job, thus work for income during the day  to support your creativity at night. Although it has cons, like being too tired after work to work on your creative flow , which can affect your overall experience. Gaining income from your art or discipline is, in my opinion, a one of many more effective way of contributing to your creative needs as well as allowing you to gain that experience/funding etc.

Becoming an employee amongst a greater creative studio is another option and I believe is the best to begin with straight after university as I believe this will allow for you to gain a better understanding of the industry you about to enter into. This allows for financial stability, paid leave and means you always have a project to work on.This allows you to also establish some contacts from team work or employers- for when you make your own plans to be individual.

The down side of this however is meeting the deadlines and the set hours of each week. Also the extra work in meetings and filing report on your work. This also can constrict creative flow as you a but a part within a great idea, and may lack the freedom you can seek when in creating something.

Although another option which can satisfy the creative need, while supplying a somewhat plausible income, is beginning your own studio with colleagues (or students). it promotes individual work as well as allows you to begin from the bottom and working to your way to the top, to be original. It may begin rocky but as time goes on and more contacts are made via social media and advertising, business can build and the money dispersed among the workers and company. However the cons to this is when beginning, a sacrifice of salary would most likely be needed as you need to establish basic contacts and allow yourself to become known.



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