Review of:Victim- A Short Slender Man Horror Film

Victim- A Short Slender Man Horror Film’ is an independent film created by Eddie Adamson and involves a young boy who is being stalked by a mythical being called ‘Slender Man’. It begins with the boy seeing and getting strange feelings of being watched while on a run, nightmares soon followed. It is set within the modern age and was inspired by the computer game which became popular in 2013 called ‘Slender Man’. The objective of the game was to find all the pieces of paper without being caught. Although you see Slender Man briefly during the game, he is ultimately the enemy. The only two actors throughout the movie Jake Holmes and Jordan Scott; who play the Slender Man and the unnamed protagonist.

It’s is a simple plot line and doesn’t need that much explanation, now that much dialogue, as it’s a pretty common game and most background knowledge should already be known by the audiences this particular film attracts. The simple point of view shots, and incredibly heart-jarring audio combine to create a miniature Blair Witch project. Some familiar accents from the game make its way into the film, if only to create an even more uneasiness to what will follow on this characters journey.  The short film was a simple idea and was effective with its fast cuts and the breathing of the ‘victim’ becoming slightly higher and louder towards the end effected the overall feel for audiences. It rose tensions and had hearts beating, however we all know how this ends. Ultimately, it was about escaping. This short independent film was designed to create a big build up until the final scene that really sold it. To not show the titles until the end of the film, really hooked and pulled the movie together. The goal was simple: escape the forest before your flashlight battery ran out.

Overall, for a collage project, it was pretty amazing and the whole put together of the familiar creepy slender audio plus some input of their own. Slender Man is something familiar almost worldwide and thus is something people can understand as not real. However to see this brought to life in a short film is as equally frightening, if not more, than the game itself. The cinematographic shots added the elements of surprise and even if the audience anticipated the surprised. The music and cinematographic combined created a beautiful harmony of horror and added elements of understanding. Creepy forests is something almost everyone comes to fear and to put it into something visually stimulating, can easily affect our reactions to it.

Link: Victim – A Short Slender Man Horror Film;


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