My Media Use and Identity

As a future creator of motion picture, film was the type of media that had the greatest impact up to this point in my life.  Within my family, all types of films are loved, as we use this as both a pastime and a way to engage with each other.


Until we received the internet, films on both DVD and VHS such as Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and a variety of Disney, were the favourites during my childhood; an inspiration towards who I am and what I aspire to do in the future. Most of the time I couldn’t wait to get to the end of these movies just to watch the special features, to actually see the work that went into these movies. The feelings I felt during my childhood is something I wish to re-create for others; wonder, happiness, sadness, despair etc.

To create an art form that could be passed through generations, cause discussions and even be integrated into popular culture such as a specific style or figure. For example, Star Wars, which was originally introduced in the 70s, has introduced a new franchise throughout three generations. Thus causing us to, in Tarkoff’s (2016) words, “adopt cross-generational engagement principles” that “blend the old with the new


When the internet was introduced into the household, when I was 8, I was introduced to YouTube; my second biggest media use. I was amazed that you could find almost anything, from music to trailers of the newest films, in which case I spent most of my time researching lyric videos to Selena Gomez songs.

This was another big influence on my life as there was no limitations to what you could find among the millions of videos. This also allowed my creativity to flow as I could learn anything in a short space of time; like lyrics to a particular song, dancing routines and game walk through. It introduced me to a broader range of cultures and granted me the ability to gain better understandings of.

As time moved onto high school, my media use shifted to the social media outlet, Facebook, which allowed me to connect to the world around me in a whole new way. As it evolved to allow access to mobiles, this form of media became a broadcasting network for trends and thus affected my point of views and how I think of particular styles, music and attitudes towards the world. This social media also allowed me to connect to friends and keep in touch, which was important to me at the time as I had just moved from New South Wales and left all my friends at the time behind.

As a result, I couldn’t go a day without mass media; some may be due to the fact escaping media is a little impossible. However, my music, inspirations, and connections personally or to the outside world all revolve around my three biggest media uses.



The Huffington Post. Tarkoff, R. (2016). How Star Wars Stays Relevant Across Generations (and Why You Need to Toss Out Stereotypes Based on Age)


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